New Survey Reveals Strong Support Louisiana GATOR Education Scholarship Accounts

BATON ROUGE, LA. (April 8, 2024) – A new survey conducted by WPAi Intelligence, a nationally renowned polling firm, reveals that Louisiana voters are in favor of Education Scholarship Funds (ESAs), particularly the Louisiana GATOR Bill. Voters showed significant concern about the state of public education in Louisiana. Below are some of the key findings that break down ESA’s across the state and the importance of this initiative in meeting the educational needs of Louisiana’s students.

An ESA allows the money to follow the child and empower parents with funds that can be used towards meeting their child’s educational needs, such as tuition, tutoring, educational therapies, textbooks, dual enrollment courses, and uniforms.

The survey showed 65% of respondents statewide and 71% of parents expressed support for ESAs. Currently, the Louisiana Legislature is considering the Louisiana GATOR Bill, which would establish ESAs under this framework. This initiative has received favorable feedback, with 65% of respondents statewide and 68% of parents supporting the bill, indicating a clear preference for giving parents to be given more control and freedom over their child’s educational choices.

Additionally, the concept of school choice, where parents are allowed to choose their child’s educational institution—whether public, charter, or private—for their children, garnered support from 68% of statewide respondents and 74% of parents.

A strong majority opposes the idea of forcing a child to attend a failing public school, with 67% of statewide respondents and 72% of parents against it.

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