Thank you Governor Jeff Landry for making our new bridge a reality

Thank you Governor Jeff Landry for making our new bridge a reality

For decades politicians have tried and failed to replace the Calcasieu River Bridge. It’s 70 years old, too small and in need of constant repair.

Gov. Jeff Landry Is Making It Happen

Gov. John Bel Edward’s tried to rush through a bad plan that would have saddled the community with tolls that were too high, was too expensive and brought no long term benefit to the region. Gov. Edward’s plan was wisely rejected by legislators and roundly criticized by taxpayers. Within weeks of his election, Gov. Jeff Landry rolled up his sleeves, got to work, and announced a better deal for Louisiana.

Costs Cut & Revenue Returned To You

Governor Landry’s plan is being praised for building the same bridge but at a 25% cost reduction which will save millions of dollars. The plan also incldues a fair and flat rate toll system for all locals, and an equity commitment that ensures the Imperial Calcasieu area will benefit from the project.


"We are immensely grateful to Governor Jeff Landry for his unwavering commitment to securing a deal that truly benefits the people of southwest Louisiana."

Sen. Mark Abraham

Sen. Mike Reese

Sen. Jeremy Stine

State Rep. Ryan Bourriaque

State Rep. Dewith Carrier

State Rep. Les Farnum

State Rep. Brett Geymann

State Rep. Troy Romero

State Rep. Phillip Tarver

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Before Governor Landry was elected, the prior administration tried to rush through a plan that would have saddled the community with tolls that were too high and a plan that cost too much and brought no long term benefit to the region. 

But Governor Jeff Landry knew there was a better way. Less than two weeks into his new administration the Governor announced a new plan that addresses all the problems that caused bridge development to stall. 

Thanks also go to our legislators who wisely rejected the plan from the previous administration and worked with our new Governor to create a plan that works.

Bridge Plan Outline

Edward's Bad Deal

Landry's Winning Deal

Edward's Bad Deal

Landry's Winning Deal

30% Less



Pay for additional needed infrastructure

New Calcasieu River Bridge Speech

frequently asked questions

The Calcasieu River Bridge was built in 1952 and projected to last about 50 years. It was constructed to manage a maximum of 37,000 vehicles daily. Today, 72 years later, the combined traffic on both bridges is in excess of 136,000 per day. During peak hours the traffic congestion approaches grid-lock.  The new bridge will add two additional lanes of travel through this congested area.

The Calcasieu River Bridge is presently rated 6.6 out of 100 by the National Bridge Inventory. If the bridge is closed to traffic for any reason, all I-10 traffic would be diverted to I-210 Bridge with serious impacts on our economy and quality of life.

The process from start to final construction will take approximately seven years.

No. An All Electronic Tolling (AET) system will be used. Vehicles will not have to slow down or stop. Vehicle owners will either receive a bill in the mail or have the payment deducted from a designated account.

Imperial Calcasieu will be first in line to collect their 15% share of profit revenue from the new Calcasieu River Bridge, starting with the very first penny of profit. Funds will also be contractually directed to pay for the Calcasieu River Bridge itself, improvements to surrounding roadways and repaying investors.

Hopefully, not. Gov. Jeff Landry is working hard to reduce and eliminate tolls. During the seven years it takes to build the bridge Gov. Landry will continue working to secure more State and Federal funding to further reduce bridge costs. Also, the 15% revenue that comes back to Calcasieu once the bridge opens can also be used to reduce or eliminate tolls.

Southwest louisiana legislators endorse Governor Landry's bridge plan

Lake Charles, LA – Legislators representing Southwest Louisiana today announced support for Governor Jeff Landry’s new I-10/Calcasieu River bridge plan, a significant shift from the previous administration’s approach. Govemor Landry, in his first visit to Southwest Louisiana as Governor, emphasized the need for transparent and effective infrastructure development, contrasting sharply with former Governor John Bel Edwards’ less transparent and costly plan.

Governor Landry’s proposal promises a 25% cost reduction from the previous administration’s agreement and introduces a fair toll system with a flat discounted rate for all locals. The group of ten southwest Louisiana lawmakers will work with the Governor and all involved parties to lower that toll cost during the seven year build period. This move underscores the Governor and local leaders joint commitment to affordability and community benefit.

Highlighting the recent traffic issues due to severe weather, Governor Landry pointed out that the new bridge would have mitigated these challenges, showcasing the urgency of the project.

Additionally, the plan includes a 15% equity commitment to the Imperial Calcasieu area, ensuring local infrastructure benefits directly from the project. This approach signifies a new era of inclusive and transparent governance.

Legislators backing this effort encourage the community to support this transformative project which is poised to make Southwest Louisiana a model for state-wide infrastructure development.

“We are immensely grateful to Governor Jeff Landry for his unwavering commitment to securing a deal that truly benefits the people of Southwest Louisiana,” said the group of legislators. “His dedication to transparency and affordability for this bridge project reflects a genuine investment in the prosperity and | well-being of our region.”

Louisiana Legislators endorsing the bridge project include: Senators Mark Abraham, Mike Reese and Jeremy Stine as well as Representatives Ryan Bouriague. Dewith Carter, Les Farnum, Brett Geymann,Troy Romero and Phillip Tarver.