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It’s time to fix our constitution! - so we can fix our state!

Our newly elected legislators are poised to get Louisiana back on track. But we are handcuffed to a constitution from the 1970s filled with provisions and big government policies dating back to Huey Long and Edwin Edwards. Meanwhile, other states are passing us by.

-Governor Landry



Louisiana’s first constitution was written in 1812. By 1973 Louisiana’s constitution had ballooned to a quarter of a million words with 536 different amendments attached to it.

In 1974, a new constitution was passed. Unfortunately, since the last version was ratified forty years ago it has more than doubled in size with 200+ amendments tacked on. We have an opportunity to do it right this time.


Our bloated and antiquated constitution holds us back. 

So much of our tax money is constitutionally dedicated and “locked-up” that only seven cents from every dollar in the state budget can be directed by our legislators to fund the most pressing issues like health care, higher education, criminal justice and economic development. 

This change would empower legislators elected, by the people,  to add accountability and common sense back to our budgeting process. The goal of a constitution is to give the government enough power to act, but not so much that the fundamental rights of the people are put at risk.

Our Legislators have control of just 7¢ of every dollar


Our current system forces voters to go to the polls and vote on complicated, jargon-filled constitutional amendments. Voters are frustrated by language that they don’t fully understand and unsure what they’re actually voting for or against. 

The framers of the U.S. Constitution wanted the amendment process to be a difficult task, in order to prevent arbitrary changes and the weakening of the supreme law of our nation. In over 230 years, there have only been 27 amendments. Since Louisiana’s last constitutional convention, we have added an astounding 200 amendments.

At 72,000 words Louisiana’s constitution is nearly 11 times larger than the entire US Constitution

Additionally, the process of putting these amendments before the people and holding elections to amend the constitution is far more expensive and time-consuming than managing the process by legislation.

The Solution

So, what will happen in the Constitutional Convention? The solution is simple. Everything that should be in our state’s governing document remains enshrined in the constitution. All other provisions that don’t belong – get moved into protected statute. No substantive policies will change. Our laws will be better organized and cleaned up into a proper constitution for the voters to approve this year.

The Consequences of Inaction

As the 2025-26 fiscal year approaches, a $500 million budget deficit looms.

Under the same circumstances past Governors faced:

Only a massive $1 Billion tax increase kept these cuts from occurring

Now it’s happening again. Proposed cuts could drastically impact:

Choose a Constitutional Convention instead of sweeping cuts or billions in new taxes.


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