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A Brighter Future for Louisiana

Protect Louisiana Values is a 501(c4) organization officially advocating for Governor Jeff Landry’s policy agenda and seeks to support conservative leaders engaged in the process of moving Louisiana forward. Our organization supports initiatives that enhance the quality of life in Louisiana by improving our education system, reducing crime, expanding economic opportunity, and supporting the values that make our state great.

We believe that all Louisianans deserve to live in a safe, prosperous and just community.  By advocating for these policies, we aim to not only bolster our population but also elevate our communities, striving towards a brighter future for Louisiana.

The Future Begins Now

Crime Is Holding Louisiana Back

Protecting Victims & Law Enforcement

Victims of crimes and their families deserve justice. Proposed legislation prioritizes the rights of victims and supports law enforcement.

Cracking Down On Crime

Louisiana tops the rankings when it comes to the worst crime statistics–proposed legislation strengthens penalties and “corrects the age” for violent offenders.

truth & Transparency

Louisiana’s criminal justice system is broken and too complicated. Proposed legislation would bring clarity to the sentencing process and give victims and the public the transparency they deserve.

new solutions to our biggest threats

Crime is rampant in the streets of New Orleans and drug addiction is a deadly epidemic across the state. It’s time to put new ideas to work to fix these persistent problems.

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