New Voter Survey Shows Strong Public Support for Governor Landry’s GATOR Scholarship & Dream Big Package

BATON ROUGE, LA. (May 8, 2024) – Protect Louisiana Values, Governor Jeff Landry’s official advocacy organization, conducted a recent statewide survey that reveals strong support from Louisiana voters when it comes to the “Louisiana Gator Scholarship” and the “Dream Big Louisiana” Education Package. The poll was conducted by renowned pollster Kellyanne Conway, of KAConsulting, and included 602 registered voters.

The Gator Scholarship, also known as an education scholarship account, would allow tax dollars to follow the child regardless of what type of school they attend. The bill would empower parents to have more control over their child’s education future.

“Voters are profoundly frustrated with the Louisiana public school system,” stated Conway. “It’s clear that they want to let tax dollars follow the child to ensure they get the best education possible. Additionally, a solid majority of voters believe parents shouldn’t have to double pay for education through both taxes and private tuition.”

“Most notably, the public expects the legislature and the Governor to immediately pursue bold change to fix the broken education system in Louisiana,” continued Conway.

The survey highlights the deep voter concerns and the resulting substantial support for Governor Jeff Landry’s “Dream Big Louisiana” initiative. This plan addresses the critical state of education, with Louisiana’s public schools ranked among the worst nationally, and underscores the urgent need to offer quality education that respects the potential and dignity of every child.

Voter Opinion Findings on Louisiana Public Schools:

  • 93% of voters express deep concern about the current state of public schools in Louisiana.
  • More than double the number of voters want to see “Bold Change Now” at 57% as compared to just 27% that want to see “Incremental Change”.
  • More than two-thirds of Louisiana voters support Governor Landry’s education reforms and the support is substantial across party lines, with notable backing from GOP (87% support) and Black voters (69% support).

Voter Opinion Findings on Louisiana GATOR Scholarships:

  • 65% of voters support the GATOR Scholarships, which allow education funds to follow the student, providing parents with the ability to choose the best educational setting for their children.
  • Strong bipartisan support for enforcing existing laws that mandate 70% of education funds be spent directly in the classroom, with 85% of voters in favor.
  • 71% of public school parents support the right for parents to choose their children’s schools and dictate the curriculum.

Voter Opinion Findings on other “Dream Big Louisiana” Legislative Actions:

  • Governor Jeff Landry’s goal for Dream Big Louisiana is to ensure students are ready for high-paying, high demand jobs after completing their education. 89% of respondents advocate for ensuring students are equipped with the essential skills needed to excel in their careers.
  • 83% of public school parents believe teachers who do a great job educating our children deserve to be paid more based upon their performance.
  • 77% of voters want to pay teachers more that teach classes that are in higher demand, such as science, math, foreign language, and special education, as well as those that choose to teach at schools with more difficult student populations.

Voters have underscored the imperative for educational reform. View the poll results here.

Keep backing Dream Big Louisiana, and urge your legislators to confront the challenges within the state’s education system, paving the way for a brighter future for Louisiana’s youth.

Protect Louisiana Values is the official 501(c)(4) organization advocating for Governor Jeff Landry’s policies and those of other conservative leaders. The organization seeks to support initiatives that enhance the quality of life in Louisiana, focusing on crucial aspects such as children, education, families, business and public safety. We believe that all Louisianans deserve to live in a safe, prosperous and just community. By advocating for these policies, we aim to not only bolster our population but also elevate our communities, striving towards a brighter future for Louisiana.