We need to transform the way Louisiana educates our children and DREAM BIG.

We need to transform the way Louisiana educates our children and DREAM BIG.

our Education
System to be
the Best

Challenging our Education System to be the Best

Too many of our Louisiana public school students have fallen behind. Nearly 70 percent cannot read or do math at grade level. Parents, students and educators all agree we must and can do better. Governor Landry’s Dream Big Louisiana Plan is the way forward to bring current students up to speed, improve our schools, support our teachers and give educational freedom to Louisiana parents.

Giving All a True Opportunity to Rise

Louisiana GATOR Scholarship

House Bill 745 ensures every child has the opportunity of a great education, regardless of where they live. Governor Landry’s Louisiana GATOR (Give All a True Opportunity to Rise) scholarships will allow parents to choose the school that best suits their child’s needs. 

Learning Loss & High-Dosage Tutoring

While improving our schools for the future is vital, helping students now is a top priority for Governor Landry. This legislation is designed to bring students who have fallen behind in reading and math up to speed utilizing high-dosage tutoring, coaching, individual tutoring grants and student progress monitoring.

Career Pathways & Workforce Development

Governor Landry wants to ensure students in Louisiana are trained and ready to work at high-demand, high-paying jobs right here in our state.

Education Freedom

Governor Landry believes that parents are the most important voice in their children’s education. House Bill 745  is designed to give Louisiana students and parents the best access to schools, whether public, private or charter.

Value Our Teaching Professionals & Make Schools More Accountable

Many schools are struggling to retain good teachers and teachers who are in higher demand for certain subjects like science, math and special education. Governor Landry would like to be able to give schools the option to pay those teachers more.


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