Protect louisiana values

This is time to put victims first, stand with law enforcement, and take back our streets and neighborhoods.

-Governor Landry


Restoring Balance to our Criminal Justice System

Louisiana has been plagued by a pandemic of crime for far too long. Violent crime has been a barrier to peace and prosperity, holding our State back. When we restore law and order we create a future for our children and grandchildren to prosper in without fear. We can be a state filled with better opportunities when we have safer cities and neighborhoods to call home.

Protecting victims

Victims of crimes and their families deserve justice to be served. For more than a decade, lethal injection has become impossible to utilize as drug companies and pharmacies that manufacture the legal drugs have become targets of intense negative media campaigns. Legislation would eliminate these threats and allow our laws to be enacted again.

Our law enforcement officers risk their lives for us. That risk should not mean risking civil liability and frivolous lawsuits when an officer makes a good faith error or when faced with a meritless accusation. 

Cracking Down on Crime

Louisiana tops the rankings when it comes to the worst crime statistics–many are being committed by those who should no longer be treated as juveniles. Homicide, carjacking and death from overdoses are shockingly high. Enough is enough!

Transparency &
Truth in Sentencing

Louisiana criminals serve only a fraction of their original sentence before being released into society–and their victims are seldom warned. Even during the legal and trial process, including  sentencing and parole, the victims and the public are often left out and in the dark. That’s got to change.

New Solutions to our
biggest threats

Crime is rampant in the streets of New Orleans and drug addiction is a deadly epidemic across the state. It’s time to put new ideas to work to fix these persistent problems.


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